Project Description
Enhanced BlogEngine.NET is an alternative and customized version of full featured ASP.NET blog engine. Features Multilingual support for posts, pages, etc...

Guide to write multilingual content

Enhanced Features:
- Multilingual support in one application
--- Localized posts, pages, categories, tags, ping services in more languages
--- Activating front-end languages in settings
--- Unique URLs per localized post, page, tag, category
--- Language widget
--- When post or page is available in more languages, it's listed by each post or page
--- All widgets are localized
--- Widget can be added to all languages or specific one
--- Localized related posts, search, RSS feeds, BlogImporter web service, RSD, BlogML, SIOC, trackback and pinkback
--- Package contains edited SQL scripts, databases and XML files that are ready for use
--- Multiple authors per post are supported (e.g. one for English, one for Czech)
--- Comments are linked between localized posts
--- Localized post rating
--- Default language of first visit is detected from browser
--- Admin language is independent upon front-end language
--- Default user language is preserved when user switches between languages in unusual way
--- Enhanced code is marked with "HACK Multilanguage" text
- Predefined IIS 6 and 7 web.config files
- Solution for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008
- Project based on stable BlogEngine.NET version

For additional information check my blog.

Original BlogEngine.NET Features:
- Multi-author support
- Pingbacks and trackbacks
- Event based for plug-in writers
- Theming directly in master pages and user controls
- Gravatar and coComments implemented
- Live preview on commenting
- Comment moderation
- BlogML import/export
- Extension model
- Code syntax highlighting
- Mono support
- Full editing and creation of pages that are not posts
- Extended search capabilities
- Tag cloud
- Self updating blogroll
- Runs entirely on XML or SQL Server. Your choice.

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